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We work with a wide range of clients, presenting with a variety of emotional, physical, and/or mental health conditions. Below is feedback comments which clients have kindly shared with us.


"Carmen helped me immensely when I was in acute pain. She is very nurturing and it is clear that she really cares about each client. She helped me alleviate pain as well as move emotional blocks. I am grateful."

- J. Emich

The Shine Restaurant

"Carmen is one of the most gifted massage therapists I have ever received from. She offers unique qualities of diversity in her work by holding exquisite space for healing, intuitive guidance, deep knowledge of the body, and experience in working with many different concerns or issues people come to her with. I highly encourage her work to anyone seeking healing with chronic pain, needing relaxation, or anyone desiring more nourishment and nurturing..."

- E. Verke

Bodywork Bistro | Iris

"Carmen is an outstanding massage therapist and an important part of my healthcare. As a working Occupational Therapist with degenerative scoliosis and the many symptoms that my work and physical condition often generates, her skillful work helps keep me well, pain-free and working! I recommend her highly, without reservation."

- B. McMillan

Occupational Therapist

"I have had the pleasure of receiving multiple massages from Carmen while visiting Boulder this summer. She is a very knowledgeable therapist with expertise in many different areas, including deep tissue, structural integration, and nerve resetting. She has aided me in relieving neck pain and deep hip pain that has been ailing me for the past 18 months. Prior to each treatment, Carmen conducted a thorough interview with me to determine what my needs were and carefully reviewed the plan of care with me prior to performing the treatment. She also spent time educating me on stretches to perform at home to aid in my recovery and gave me contact information for a qualified massage therapist in my area. I highly recommend Carmen for a truly therapeutic massage."

- E. Flowers

"I have been suffering chronic neck and shoulder pain for almost 30 years, and have tried “everything” from standard medical care and physical therapy to alternative healing practices of all sorts. Finally, I began seeing Carmen 4 months ago and committed to see her weekly for several weeks to see if having her deep tissue work would break apart these tight, uncomfortable areas. I noticed, week by week, that the mobility in my neck increased, the pain decreased, and the results of her work would last longer and longer between sessions, such that I spaced my sessions out to every other week, and now I am down to once a month. Carmen gives me helpful stretches so that I can help my body realign, and she always works closely with me and asks me lots of questions, to make sure we’re maximizing our work together. Carmen is a lovely, warm person, with magic hands and  I am so grateful finally to have found a way out of the discomfort I had begun to think I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Not so, and I highly recommend Carmen as a highly-skilled practitioner who can heal these long-term, chronic problems."

- G. Clifford

"Carmen truly is like no other. Boulder is filled with healers and massage therapists, but do yourself and favor and treat yourself to a deeply therapeutic & relaxing experience. Carmen not only offers specialty services like energy work and cranial sacral, but she does a very specific type of nerve work that no one else in Boulder offers! Wow is all I have to say. I used to be a massage therapist myself so I am very picky, but I can honestly say Carmen gives the best treatments I have EVER received."

- D. Wicklund

"Carmen has been my massage therapist for over 6 years and she is one of the best! She is knowledgeable on sports injuries, trauma, digestion, and nerve issues as well as the relaxation piece. She is always educating herself and goes above and beyond to provide the absolute best care and follow up with her clients. She is 1 in a million!"

- L. Scory

Northwestern Mutual

"I've developed sciatica in both legs in Feb 2021, I visit a chiropractor once a week and a physical therapist once a week.  here we are in late July with slow progress. My dentist suggested having a massage on my legs and recommended Carmen at Be Kind Bodyworks. My first time ever massage at 71yrs, became a joy, having Carmen work over my back and leg muscles, tendons has lifted my hopes that recovery may be sooner than I could have hoped for. Thank you, Carmen, I will be scheduling my 2nd massage."

- Jerry M.

"Carmen has a great understanding of Anatomy and body function. She was able to make remarkable adjustments to overly tight and protected muscles in my shoulder which then allowed my other arm/shoulder to work properly. She has a gentle but, firm approach and explains clearly what she is doing and where she is going. I can feel changes in muscle function after each session."

- Trudi F.

Boulder Community Rowing

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