Pink Marble


"My massage with Carmen was totally amazing, but just from knowing her a little bit beforehand, I can't say I'm totally surprised! She is smart, strong, compassionate, and deeply aware, and her touch echoed that perfectly. I expected to be relaxed and restored, but I was surprised at how physically transformed and energized I felt on top of that. My body moved and breathed effortlessly at last. Most delicious 90 minutes of my year!"

- S. Dunbar

Bodywork Bistro | Downtown


"Carmen truly is like no other. Boulder is filled with healers and massage therapists, but do yourself and favor and treat yourself to a deeply therapeutic & relaxing experience. Carmen not only offers specialty services like energy work and cranial sacral, but she does a very specific type of nerve work that no one else in Boulder offers! Wow is all I have to say. I used to be a massage therapist myself so I am very picky, but I can honestly say Carmen gives the best treatments I have EVER received."

- D. Wicklund

Blood Metrics

"I absolutely love Be Kind Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage. The location is great and Carmen is very professional. She really cares about her clients and the facilities are meticulously clean and the atmosphere is always relaxing. She is amazing and knows my body very well. When I first started going to her, the knots in my shoulders and back were like bricks. One of the things I love about her is that she's careful and attentive and listens to your concerns. She also gives tips on how to take care of your knots at home by suggesting some simple techniques. Can't say enough good things about her."

- Fabio Rodríguez