The major philosophy behind Be Kind Bodyworks is the idea that we need to take care of ourselves so that we can best help others as we can't pour from an empty cup. I believe that your body and soul contain all the wisdom necessary to heal itself, and it just needs a skilled practitioner to facilitate the healing process. I will do my best as your therapist to empower you to take responsibility for your own health and lifestyle choices. And together, we will identify what works best for you so, that you feel supported in this process while you implement the changes necessary to enhance your overall health and well-being. ​ ​



Carmen is a Board Certified Massage Therapist living and working in Boulder, Colorado (United States). She began her wellness journey after chronic pain took over her life and Western medicine only addressed some of the symptoms and none of the causes. After learning how to treat herself with complementary and alternative medicine (Ayurveda, energy work, meditation, plant-based focused nutrition, therapeutic massage, and yoga), she felt inspired to educate others going through similar issues.

Carmen graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, the Harvard of Massage Therapy schools. At present, Carmen is the only board-certified therapist in the state of Colorado who specializes in DermoNeuroModulation (Nerve Resetting).

What clients had to say about your therapist

"Carmen is truly skilled at her craft. Not only does she offer massage but she also offers energy healing and nerve rebalancing, which is incredibly helpful for me. I always feel results when I see Carmen and recommend her highly."

- Teresa M.

Wellness Facilitator

"Carmen is amazing. She really took the time to listen to my concerns and address my issues as well as teach me new stretches and make me more aware of muscle memory and how to train my body to avoid injury in the future."

- Nancy F.

Licensed Colon Hydrotherapist

"I absolutely love Be Kind Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage. The location is great and Carmen is very professional. She really cares about her clients and the facilities are meticulously clean and the atmosphere is always relaxing. She is amazing and knows my body very well. When I first started going to her, the knots in my shoulders and back were like bricks. One of the things I love about her is that she's careful and attentive and listens to your concerns. She also gives tips on how to take care of your knots at home by suggesting some simple techniques. Can't say enough good things about her."

- Fabio Rodríguez

"No exaggeration, this was the best massage I've received in about 5 years. Carmen worked wonders on my knots and her Reiki/energy work was intensely healing and cathartic. She has done triple the training and I just love how she blended Reiki and chakra energy work into my massages. I've never experienced massages that are both healing on the physical/body level and a journey in personal development on the energetic level. SO worth it. Honestly what I respect most about Carmen is that she actually cares and listens deeply to what's really going on for her clients (several of my girlfriends go to her too) and then takes extra time and energy to make customized suggestions on what stretches are best, or even books to read that support healing. Really amazing healer. I can't recommend her highly enough — She is the best!"

- Ginger Kern

TEDx Speaker

"Carmen is an exceptional health care provider. She listens intently and carefully considers all treatment modalities that

are customized to me. She does her research and always checks in with me after our time together. She shares information

that is helpful for me to learn and do at home to keep me healthy in-between my visits with her. She is a true healer. She is easy

to recommend."

- S. de la Paz

"Carmen is not your average massage therapist. She is a very gifted healer who does body work, essential oils, energy work, and even gives nutritional advice. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while she helps your body heal. Check out her website and book an appointment with her! Your body will thank you."

- S. Velehradsky

Boulder Digital Collective

Education Credentials

Massage Credentials:

◽ NCBTMB® Board Certified Massage Therapist (formerly, National Certification)

◽ Basic Life Support® Certification for Healthcare Providers
◽ Licensed Massage Therapist

◽ Certified as a Massage Therapist

Core Courses: (in alphabetical order)
◽ Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology I, II
◽ Art of Zen® Therapeutic Massage
◽ Comfort Touch® for the Elderly 
◽ Healthy Pregnancy® Therapeutic Massage
◽ Herbology®
◽ Hydrotherapy®
◽ Integrative Massage
◽ Kinesthetic Anatomy I, II
◽ Lomi Lomi® Hawaiian Therapeutic Massage
◽ New Mother (Post-Partum) Therapeutic Massage
◽ Normalization of Soft Tissue
◽ Orthopedic® Therapeutic Massage
◽ Polarity Therapy® 
◽ Reflexology®
◽ Seated® Massage 
(also known as, Chair Massage)
◽ Special Populations® Therapeutic Massage
◽ Swedish® Therapeutic Massage
◽ Thai®
 Therapeutic Massage
◽ Zen Shiatsu® Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic-Based Continuing Education Courses: (in alphabetical order)

◽ A Detailed Approach to General Neck Pain

◽ A Detailed Approach to Low-Back Pain
◽ A Massage Therapist's Guide to COVID-19
◽ Access Bars® Practitioner
◽ Ayurvedic Holistic Philosophy and Chakra System
◽ Cancer Treatment and Massage Therapy
◽ Canine Massage
◽ Core Synchronism I & Core Lymphatic Practitioner
◽ Dermoneuromodulation® Nerve Resetting Practitioner
◽ Five-Element Medical Qi Gong and the Smiling Organ Meditation
◽ Introduction to Massage Cupping and Vacuum Manual Therapy
◽ Kinesio® Taping Seminar
◽ Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®
◽ Myofascial Techniques: Scalenes and the Neck
◽ The Challenge of Upper Extremity Overuse Disorders
◽ The Massage Therapy Foundation: The Role of Research Literacy
◽ Touching Trauma
◽ Usui Shiki Ryoho® Reiki Master


Other Certifications: (in chronological order)

◽ Avita® Yoga Teacher 
◽ Chopra® Health Teacher
◽ Chopra® Meditation Teacher  
◽ Chopra® Well-Being Coach 
◽ Cornell University® Plant-Based Nutrition

◽ Sacred Passage® End-of-Life Doula (also known as, Death Doula)

◽ Wynne Business® Spa Director's Management



◽ English

◽ Español


College Degrees:
◽ M.A. Degree in Healthcare Management

◽ B.A. Degree in International Studies

◽ B.A. Degree in Psychology
◽ A.A. Degree in Social Sciences