The mission of Be Kind Bodyworks is to help you free yourself from aches and pains by addressing the symptoms and causes so, you can feel your best, and do more of what you love!

At Be Kind Bodyworks, your board-certified massage therapist will integrate many modalities and guided by your goals for the session and her own intuition, she will create a treatment-oriented, customized bodywork tailored specifically to your needs. 



By using a wide range of therapeutic techniques and knowledge to support you and explain in detail what your therapeutic massage session will consist. These will include but, not limited to any personal holistic health implications discovered about you in our sessions, the treatment plan, and what you can do to take an active role in your own health.

We will meet wherever you are in your healing journey and I will do my best to help facilitate the optimal response in your body, mind, and spirit. In addition, I believe that education before, during, and after each session is important. Therefore, I will provide you with critical information on lifestyle changes, posture, self-care, and more! 

I invite you to give me the opportunity to help you heal yourself. Your body and soul contain all the wisdom necessary. 

I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey.

It is my intention to help you free yourself from aches, pain, restrictions, and support and/or restore the health of not only a muscle or tissue but of your body as a whole. 

Every session is as unique as you are!

Together, we will create your most whole, healed, expansive self! 

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"Carmen is a true professional. She has the knowledge, the expertise and the humanity to perform an outstanding job as a certified massage therapist. I have never had a better massage and the results were almost immediate. I loved every minute of the experience. Thank you, Carmen!"

- A. Castro 



"No exaggeration, this was the best massage I've received in about 5 years. Carmen worked wonders on my knots and her Reiki/energy work was intensely healing and cathartic. She has done triple the training and I just love how she blended Reiki and chakra energy work into my massages. I've never experienced massages that are both healing on the physical/body level and a journey in personal development on the energetic level. SO worth it. Honestly what I respect most about Carmen is that she actually cares and listens deeply to what's really going on for her clients (several of my girlfriends go to her too) and then takes extra time and energy to make customized suggestions on what stretches are best, or even books to read that support healing. Really amazing healer. I can't recommend her highly enough — She is the best!"

- Ginger Kern

The Traveler's Mindset

"Carmen helped me immensely when I was in acute pain. She is very nurturing and it is clear that she really cares about each client. She helped me alleviate pain as well as move emotional blocks. I am grateful."

- J. Emich

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